We have put together a few different videos to walk you through the process of making your own concentrate infused e-juice.

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E-Liquid Guide

Before you begin, lay out all your materials on a clean surface with plenty of space. Add 1 gram of extract or concentrate to your glass mixing container and place it on the hot plate. Add the Vapeur Extract solution of your choice in a 2:1 ratio. Measure out 2 mL or 2 grams of solution per 1 gram of concentrate or extract. Note that 36 drops is approximately 1 mL or 1 gram of Vapeur Extract liquid.

Now, turn the hot plate on, keeping it at 150 degrees Fahrenheit or below. You can also use a lighter to heat the mixture, but we recommend using a heating source you can more easily control.

Once your concentrate and the solution have cooled together to form a homogenous solution, you can vape your juice immediately. Simply fill your syringe with the liquid, inject into your cartridge or tank, and enjoy!

DeWaxing Guide

When you’re dewaxing your BHO, often you’re stuck waiting for days to separate lipids and fats from the pure cannabis liquid. You may also encounter issues with ethanol, as it can require a second purge, cause your liquid to taste bad, or damage the terpenes in your product.

Instead of winterizing BHO shatter or purging the old way, try a revolutionary new method with Clear from Vapeur Terp. Now you can turn concentrates into liquid in less time and preserve terpenes and flavor for a more potent and powerful product.

As you start dewaxing your BHO, please follow our guide closely to get the best results.

Materials Needed

  • Vapeur Terp Clear Solution
  • 2x Glass Mixing Containers
  • Stirrer, or Luer Lock Syringe
  • Vapeur Extract Clear Filter
  • Hot Plate, Lighter, or Torch
  • Scale
  • Cartridge
  • Your Extract or Concentrate

How to make THC Vape Cartridges



How to De-Wax THC for Vape Cartridges (Method 1)



How to De-Wax THC for Vape Cartridges (Method 2)


It’s not hard, we promise.

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